NYHC utilizes the experience and expertise it has accumulated over the years in New York and Japan. We offer a variety of services through unique packages that no other company has:

For your Agent

As an agency we provide representation for artist in the US / Japan including performance booking, tour management and recording production and visa application.

Concert management

We provide consulting, production, coordination, and planning, artist management and management of concerts and live performances by Japanese artists in the United States. We also collaborate with Japanese promoters and event production companies for concerts and tours in Japan for American artists.

Past work: Harlem Blues & Jazz Band’s first concert tour in Japan (2010), Orange Gospel Japan Tour (2011~), Ryukyu Chimdon Band US tour (2012 & 2014), Neo Japanesque US Tour (2017&2019 )

Artist training and producing

Our training and coaching helps to develop talent as world-class artists utilizing professional musical techniques and personal coaching.

This program is helpful for all musicians but is especially effective for vocalists be they professional or amateur. Our executive producer, Kyoko Uchiki brings great skills and years of experience to support the emerging artists with whom she works.

Our training sessions are individualized and tailored to bring out each artists strengths and talent. After training many of our clients have released a national CD and moved on to became a major label artist. Our artists have successfully performed on the Broadway stage or pursued a professional career in Japan.



Through NYHC found many audition opportunities for me during my stay in the United States. There is a big difference if you do not know the victory pattern. Thanks to it, I could get many opportunities to perform at events, these opened the door for music opportunities that I could not find individually. As a result, I was able to fulfill my dream of making a national CD debut in United States of America! I became confident that I could overcome any difficulties in my life.

Music Production

We manage and release music on the record label “Pure Soul Music” in the US, and submit recorded music to many US music award opportunities such as Grammy Awards.

Music can be distributed throughout the United States without complex rights relationships.

Past Work:Don’t Give Up / Danny Eason featuring Kohshi Kishita, How Great Thou Art / Neo Japanesque, Find My Way / Danny Eason featuring Nob, Amazing Grace / Neo Japanesque


We provide coaching for world-class musicians, and find ways to help them succeed in the music business.

We help to cut through a crowded market of ideas and information to help the artist create a strategy, a pathway to success. We provide services for event and tour planning, auditions, professional debut, and recording.



Vocalist &Entertainer
I had a consultation with Ms. Uchiki before an audition at the Apollo Theater in New York. I learned how to select the material that suits me best and the proper song arrangement for the audition. All of the information was so valuable because I had a professional and objective eye focused on me and my performance. I have been using her techniques even after returning to Japan.

Yukino Kikuta

Vocalist & Musical Actor
Ms. Uchiki has expanded my growth and work as a singer in New York! She introduced me to a large number of auditions and arranged my stage appearances. Before each performance, she gives me detailed guidance to the core of each song. I am especially grateful to have been able to perform at the Apollo Theater, in an off Broadway show and to reach the finals as a female solo artist for the largest Gospel Festival in the United States. Also Ms. Uchiki arranged for my appearances at local community events, radio interviews, musical appearances, church choirs and all of this helped build experience for me, on the stage as a performer. These opportunities in New York had a direct impact on my own growth. Thanks to that, I am now on the stage with great confidence as a professional!


General coordination required for recordings, magazines, movies, commercials, etc in the US and in Japan. In particular, the coordination of artists, musicians, recordings, filming, locations, coverage and event venues. Gospel, spiritual and inspirational music is our specialty.

Past work: NHK BS program name “Amazing Voice,” “Speed Learning” CM, Google Jump Start Program VR Showcase, JAL in-flight magazine coverage, etc.


We support our clients’ public relations activities using our extensive network in both Japan and in the US markets, including flyer production and distribution, press release issuance, and event mobilization.