New York in is not only a major center for music production and performance, it is a city full of high-level local entertainment gathered from all over the world. In New York, music is a part of daily life and always moves people’s hearts. The energy of millions of people driven by music keeps the city vibrant and is a major reason why New York attracts people from all over the world.


For me, music is like air and water. I cannot live without it. I have always loved it and I’ve played the piano since I was a little girl.

Music always cheers me up, encourages me and gives me courage.After a major music company hired me as an interpreter for an American artist, my professional music career was started.

In 2000, my concert plan was accepted by Super Eccentric Theater Co., Ltd. in Japan. The first concert was called “Gospel Now,” and it has been able to tour for six years throughout Japan. After this success, I had the opportunity to move to New York.

Having produced Yolanda Adams’s first show in Japan, I formed US corporation. I cherish my Japanese identity and I want to provide music to every part of society through the wonderful experiences I have given to many people.

The music business now has a wide variety; it’s active in the medical and welfare sectors as well, so there are many opportunities for each musician to do well and to be successful. We hope that music will encourage people to be happy and help them to live full and more rewarding lives.

Kyoko Uchiki

Executive Producer


Company Name
New York Hallelujah Company LLC (NYHC)
2173 Third Ave. #5, New York, NY10035, USA
February 26th, 2009